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Is there peace of mind when you take a trip and you don’t even know who’s driving you? Do you have a lineup of medical appointments or dialysis sessions you simply can’t miss? Did your doctor prohibit you from driving until you’ve fully recovered from your surgery? These are very common situations that Absolute Care NEMT Transportation can help you with. Call us to book your next trip!

With our non-emergency medical transportation services at Absolute Care NEMT Transportation, you no longer have to worry about catching a cab or taking the bus or some other form of public transportation as you head to your desired destination. Instead, you can schedule a ride with us and you can enjoy a comfortable, accessible, and private transportation service.

We provide non-emergency medical transportation services for:

  • Medical Appointments
    If you have a scheduled medical appointment – be it your annual physical or just a routine checkup – we are ready to take you to the clinic or hospital where it’s going to be.
  • Dialysis Appointments
    Going through dialysis can be a painful and exhausting experience. Patients are often left weak and in pain after their session. Let us provide you with a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience as you head to and from your dialysis appointment.
  • Family Activities
    Do you have an upcoming family event, gathering, or activity? If you are looking for a stress-free transportation service – be it just for yourself or for your family – we are ready to accommodate you. Let us take you to the venue of your event or activity.
  • Hospital Discharge
    With our timely and dependable transportation services, we can pick you up during your hospital discharge – ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience as you finally head back home.
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
    Patients going through chemotherapy are often left weak and drained after their treatment. Their immune system is also low, which makes public transportation an unsafe and uncomfortable transportation option. However, with our services, we can provide patients with a sterile, comfortable, and safe mode of transportation as they head to and from their chemotherapy treatment.
  • Others
    Do you have other appointments scheduled? Are you headed for a prescription pick-up, a friend’s outing, or some other occasion? We can still accommodate your transportation needs! Simply let us know where you’re headed and we’ll take you there.

Make a reservation now or give us a call at 919-615-1116 for more information and assistance.